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Types Of Indigo's

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Normal Indigo’s

A normal Indigo is a recent incarnation of a normal person who has been incarnating on Earth for some time. The only difference between this incarnation and the ones of the past 10,000 years is that this time they are incarnating more of their Indigo energy. These people are typically full of samskara’s just like everyone else and have a lot of work to do on clearing their astral body. The increased Indigo actually puts more pressure on samskara’s and so these people are actually more likely to be frustrated and emotional. It does depend greatly on the upbringing and the type of samskara’s but in general you could say that they are more intense than people of the past. They are not brainwashed as easily as people in the past and are more likely to question the way things are, the status quo and the powers that be. They are more likely to rebel, have less respect for elders and think they know everything. I know this has always been true of teenagers but with the Indigo’s these characteristic’s are amplified.

So at the moment we have a huge number of Indigo children, they have been incarnating for 20 years with their numbers gradually increasing until now where all newborns are Indigo babies. The problem is that most Indigo’s have no idea why they feel the things they do, just like everybody else. Everyone has been effected by past life samskara’s and early childhood traumas which have developed the ego structure but for an Indigo there is a constant pressure on this ego structure. For some of you who have dealt with your own samskara’s, you may have a good idea how these Indigo’s feel. When you are starting to get close to a large samskara that have been hidden under the surface you may feel a large amount of nervous energy and you can actually feel the pressure on your ego structure.

Similarly those who have worked on cultivating their sexual energy may know the feeling of pressure as you increase your energy. You can feel it putting pressure on your samskaras and it can cause all sorts of emotional reactions and frustration. For the adults of today to really feel their structure and their increasing energy being put on it they really need to work at it through cultivating sexual energy, meditating and working on samskaras. For the Indigo this type of pressure comes from the Indigo energy which is trying to incarnate.

The Indigo child is just as varied as people ever were, in fact even more so. By grouping Indigo’s we are not saying they all have the same characteristics such as feeling special, powerful or royal. As everyones samskaras and upbringing differ very widely so too does the personality of an Indigo child. So taking for granted that although everyone is just as unique as always, the Indigo Generation has an energy that will constantly put pressure on their astral body and samskaras in an attempt to clear it and incarnate more of the light body. For some this pressure will lead to a weakening of the ego, heightened awareness and spiritual transformation while for some it will lead to a great strengthening of the ego as it tries to defend against this pressure. For these ones arrogance and inflexibility may actually increase.

So all in all the children of today have a greater capacity for awareness, spiritual transformation and incarnation but it remains a capacity just as it always did. Man has always had the capacity to increase his awareness, remember who he really is and incarnate his own spiritual forces but it requires work. It always has and it still does. Being an Indigo is a great advantage once the choice is made but until that point it may be a source of greater frustration, anger, hostility and disillusionment with life.

Dual Indigo’s

There is another type of Indigo who has along with their own light body agreed to incarnate some forces of consciousness from another being. This is always done in agreement and the two beings usually have a relationship already. The main incarnating being will be a member of the human race just like the normal Indigo’s who have many samskara’s and who has lived many lives on earth. They have likely done spiritual work in past lives which has brought them to a level where they can safely help another being to incarnate with them. Indeed they may have been preparing for this incarnation for quite some time and will have become close to the other being.

The other being who is partly incarnating with the “human” is usually a being of high consciousness who is incarnating in this way to try to help us raise our consciousness and incarnate the Indigo energy. As the Indigo energy continues to ground onto earth people are going through changes in consciousness and especially for the Indigo children guidance is needed. As most Indigo children are born into families with various religious beliefs or atheistic values that do not correspond with higher consciousness and spirit these children are often in a state of conflict with the world as it is because they have a higher awareness from birth. They are not as easily accepting of beliefs taught to them from their parents or the religious or social establishments and are likely to be searching for answers. In many adults this quality of searching has been shut off almost completely which leads to low levels of awareness.

As these Indigo’s mature, their samskaras continue to receive pressure from the Indigo energy and the higher consciousness of their dual being. They will begin to see more clearly with higher awareness the fallacies of the world and of their parents and they may start to rebel. They will not accept the status quo and will begin to search for answers. Intuitively they will know the false dogmas and they will be drawn to the teachings of the beings with higher consciousness. The dual beings are there to help guide the Indigo’s (and any other spiritual seeker) towards the truth and real ways to clear their astral bodies and incarnate their own higher consciousness.

The role of these dual beings is somewhat that of a channel to receive information from beings of higher consciousness. It is for purposes of clarity that these beings have decided to incarnate a part of their own energy with the “human” who is incarnating. Any person can become a channel for beings from other dimensions but there is often distortion and messages may not be as clear as desired. These dual beings have amazing channeling abilities and the other being also gets a much better feel for the state of consciousness of the people on Earth by its partial incarnation. This helps the higher dimensional being to be a better teacher.

For those “humans” who are currently incarnating in this manner life is likely to be quite different than for a normal Indigo. Firstly they are likely to have a lesser sense of self because some of the energies and consciousness incarnating are not theirs. They have an astral body like everyone else and they will develop an ego structure but this ego structure is likely to be weak. The higher vibrations that they are incarnating will give them greater awareness and they will easily see through egoistic attempts to be a solid individual. They know intuitively that they are more than their body but as the incarnation process is slow they will not really know who they are either. The effects of their higher awareness can cause their telepathic abilities to be high and they are likely to be very sensitive. At school or around other people they may lack the strong egoistic defenses necessary for normal life on earth. Because of their telepathic powers, weak ego and high vibration they will feel things very intensely and be too sensitive, so to speak. Dogmatic religions will be of absolutely no use to these beings but when they first read anything about actual spiritual awakening and transformation they will know that they must achieve it. They will know intuitively what they are doing but will still require many years of work to clear their astral bodies and to incarnate their lightbody along with the forces from the “other” being.

Once this is done they will be great teachers and channels. At this point their sense of self will be very strong as they will be able to differentiate easily between themselves and the other beings energies. A large part of their problem while maturing will be that they don’t have a solid sense of self. Their ego structure will be weak and because they are incarnating other energies apart from their own it will take time for them to find their core and become clear.

Extra Terrestrial’s

Another possibility is that a being who has been incarnating on other planets and in other dimensions may incarnate on Earth. They are not a part of the human reincarnational cycle and although they may have incarnated here at some point in the past they can still be seen as Extra Terrestrials. Their make up is different to ours and they will not have the same type of samskara’s as normal humans. There are a huge number of Extra Terrestrial races in our universe and they differ very widely. For this reason it is hard to describe what an extra terrestrial might be like. They could be extremely intelligent such as mathematical geniuses, they could be musical geniuses or extremely psychic. They will nearly always have an extreme talent which sets them apart from normal people and their heart may seem to be incorruptible. Just their energy alone will be different enough that people will notice that they are somehow different. If you meet one of these beings you get a feeling that they are different even if they look totally normal. If you are one of these beings you probably already know because they have such a strong connection with their home planet and the race of beings they belong to. They usually remember where they come from at a very early age and know that they are different. As they don’t have the same sort of samskaras as normal humans their consciousness remains very clear even after going through childhood.

In general they will not have as much emotional baggage and tend to be more open. It is possible that these beings may have a very open aura if they have come from a planet with very little or no negativity as they may be used to allowing their aura to remain totally open. If this is the case they may be very sensitive to other people’s feelings and energies in their environment which can be hard for them to deal with. Because they do not have experience with negativity and keeping themselves closed off they can be quite vulnerable and may need to learn how to protect themselves. Some may find life here very unpleasant and they may not fit in well with others.

The main reason Extra Terrestrials are incarnating now is to help with our awakening. They bring with them different energies and ideas which will help to open our minds and raise our consciousness. They also hold a strong connection to their home planet which firstly brings new energies to earth but also gives the ET’s on the other planets a psychic channel to see what is going on down here. If you meet someone who you think may be Extra Terrestrial it would be a great idea to try to make them feel welcome (sometimes they don’t feel welcome here at all). If you sense that they are different and may know something you don’t try to get them to talk about what they know. Many will be keeping a lot to themselves and may never discuss where they have been even though it is very vivid to them. They know that most people won’t accept what they say and will just think they are crazy. If you can warm to them and show them that you have a very open mind they might disclose some of their secrets of which they have many. There will be an increase in writings from these ET’s as more people start to accept the possibility. True stories of other races on other planets and in other dimensions will be like fuel for the awakening higher consciousness of mankind. The Indigo’s are bringing down the energy of higher awareness, the dual Indigo’s are teaching us how to use this energy and awaken further and the ET’s bring us the wonder of other worlds.

Recent Off Planet Incarnates

Another group of Indigo’s are those who are a part of the human race but who have had recent incarnations on other planets. Like the Extra Terrestrials these beings have a strong connection to the planet that they were on, they help to ground these new forces and hold a channel for these other races to see what is happening here. This has been used as a method instead of ET’s actually coming here because this can be very hard for them. It is much easier for a human to go to other planets because the energy there is so clear. Many of them have little or no negativity at all so it is extremely hard for ET’s to incarnate here because they lack the defenses against our extreme negativity. Only the most adventurous of Extra Terrestrials have volunteered to come here.

Seeing as a connection to the other races throughout the universe was needed for the awakening that is now taking place many people who had done some recent spiritual work got to go and have an incarnation on other planets. There are quite a few of these beings and although they may be totally unaware they will remember fairly soon after they begin doing spiritual work.

As these beings have also brought a connection to other energies they may have similar problems in youth as the Dual Indigos. The main difference is that they have a connection to a race or group of beings who are physically incarnated in a dimension on another planet while the Dual Indigo’s are usually connected to a very high dimensional being who is not incarnated as such.

These Indigo’s will remember their recent incarnation at some point and will also write or tell stories of where they have been. Hearing these stories is excellent for your awakening and it is a great help for opening the mind. Human’s belief systems have been very limited and this has led to so much judgment and prejudice. Hearing stories of the amazing variety and wonder of our universe and the numerous beings and races inhabiting it is just what we need.

In Closing

I have tried to describe some of the types of Indigo’s here but there are certainly other types and 1 Indigo could be a combination of the above. Life can be hard for Indigo’s as they must clear the astral body to try to incarnate their higher consciousness to gain clarity. The extra intensity of the energies and forces they carry can lead to numerous problems along with the greater capacity for awakening.

Hearing actual stories from Indigo’s will be of much greater benefit than my continued explanations so I would like to put a call out for any Indigo’s who have memories or knowledge that they would like to share, to send them in. I would love to publish them here for others to read….

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