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Indigo Stories

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Jeff’s Story

One night when I was 21 years old as I was falling asleep I suddenly became paralyzed. I became frightened as I tried with all of my might to move but could not. Then suddenly I heard a loud wooshing sound like wind was blowing in my ears and suddenly felt myself being pulled out of my body, out the top of my head. After being pulled out I felt like someone was holding me as it pulled me way up into space. As we flew at tremendous speed though space I saw space ships that seemed to be conscious. There were many of them and they were maybe twice the size of our cars. They were being flown by people but the actual ships themselves seemed to be alive.

After flying past these small space ships for a while we came to a huge ship which I was taken into. I was taken to a room by a girl who I knew I had been with before but I could not recall where or when. She seemed to be aged around 25 and was very friendly. She hugged me and we lay on her bed just holding each other for some time. I was not scared but I did not have my full faculties. I felt drowsy and a little confused. After a while a guy came in and said hello. He seemed happy to see me and I felt like I knew him also. The two of them talked for a while before saying to me that I couldn’t stay any longer and they would have to take me back. As soon as this was said I woke up in bed fully awake…

After this night I started to remember being on the ship before and knowing the people on it. I remembered being treated as very special and being taught what they knew about healing. It was in a higher dimension than here on Earth and I remember how happy and care free I was while I was there. I remember being loved there like I have never felt before and they all seemed to look up to me as though I was soooo special. It was because these people knew where I had come from and knew that I was going back there, to Earth. They knew how hard it was to be here and none of them would ever do what we do. They would never incarnate here on Earth… I lived there only until the age of 16 and I loved that girl so much. I was forced to leave her as I was to incarnate on earth again. They told me that they would be with me always and that they would send their love and energy to me. They said they could watch me on earth and that they would come to see me to remind me of them.

Leaving the ship was very sad and I remember being put in some kind of machine when it was time to leave. I am not sure what happened to the body I had there and my memory after this is quite vague. I now remember many past lives on earth and I continue to become clearer and remember more of who I am…

Samantha's Story

I grew up in New York and had always had a gift for intuition. I would know who it was on the phone before I answered or who was at the door. I would dream events that would happen the next day at school and I seemed to know what people were going to say before they said it. When I would study for a test I would always study the right things, it was like I knew what the questions would be. Apart from these things I was pretty much a normal kid with middle class parents and lots of friends.

When I was 18 me and a friend went to see a psychic just for fun. The psychic saw me and she seemed really happy to see me. She asked if she could talk with me in private (without my friend there). She then asked me if I had ever had dreams of being on another planet or on a space ship. When she asked this the hairs on my neck stood up and a shiver ran down my spine. The week before I had a dream where I was somewhere desolate, like a desert with red rocks all around and there were 3 suns. It was extremely bright and I remember an amazing feeling of peace as I stood there alone in this strange place.

I told the psychic about this and she told me that I was an Alien Incarnated on Earth. She asked me to lie down and she put her hands on my head. She said she was repairing my connection and that I would start to remember things afterwards. While she held my head I felt very light headed and I then became tired and actually fell asleep. When she woke me up she told me that I could come back anytime and that I should keep an open mind if any feelings or memories started coming up.

Well I felt strange for a few days, my dreams became very vivid and I started remembering when I was a very young girl. I remembered being able to see aura's and there were these beings of light that used to come to me at night when I was in bed. They would make me feel so happy and their presence would make me giggle. I think they stopped coming when I was around 4 years old and my vision of aura's stopped at the same time. I had forgotten all about it...

For the past few years I have remembered more and more about who I am and I know that I am here for a reason. I now have many dreams of the other planet and other beings who don't look like humans but when I wake up I can't remember it as clearly as I would like to. I know it will all become clearer soon and I will keep you posted. I don't talk about this with anyone as I know they will think I'm crazy but I know I'm not and that's all that matters :-)

Ben's Story

I have always been very sensitive to other people’s feelings or energy, although until I was about 21-22 I was totally unaware of this…consciously. It is something I have had to work at for many years to fully understand what was going on and what my full potential is… In reality it is the potential of every human.

Now, when I think back it is very clear that I was super sensitive. My sensitiveness was my unchannelled, or uncultivated potential for heightened awareness, or you might even call it psychic perception. This was inherent in me from birth. It was there, always, and always will be, but as a child I had no way of comprehending such things, and so with no one to guide me or even to talk to I grew up as a very quiet/shy boy, as do many children. My parents were always supportive and never forced me to do things, but in regards to my multidimensional self they could not help me. I always loved to play with friends and played several sports but socially I was more uncomfortable… there was always an underlying feeling of being different. On top of that I could see when people were not very nice or when they were not genuine which I felt as a sense of not wanting to be around these people.

My parents told me of a story from when I was still a baby… my parents were visiting a friend of theirs and the moment we entered their house I began crying and didn’t stop until we left. Using various techniques I have since gone back to that experience, as I have many others (past lives and present) and seen the very dark energy that was in that house.

I was not interested in any academic studies and I naturally moved into the field of natural therapies and healing. From there I have learned to cultivated my energy and understand my natural abilities. I have become far stronger and my healing more powerful. I am still learning and refining myself… it is a very exciting journey and although we may never unravel all the mysteries of the universe I am at a stage where I can comprehend and appreciate them. My sense of childlike fascination is constantly sparked. This has been my most powerful quality that has always been with me… to see things with a sense of wonder. It allowed me flow through life without too much frustration or anger, which I see in many people. Clinging to ideas, beliefs and concepts block the flow of life. I have realised that everything can be made sense of when you can let these preconceived ideas go.

My hope is that many more people can awaken to their potential and in so doing will assist many more by way of a collective momentum. E.g. many people are sensitive to the people around them and pick up on their mood, so if there are many more people carrying a higher vibration it will spread…

Sarah's Story

When my mother first became pregnant, she wanted to continue her job as a social worker for as long as she could. She had never disclosed the exact details of that work of course, but she often mentioned to me how strange that job became as those nine months unfolded. At first she felt as she always had, but soon grew more perceptive about her patients and their problems. While in those early months she simply assumed pregnancy agreed with her, as she entered the last few months she began to have visions during her sessions about key turning points in her patients lives. On one occasion, she was able to find the core of a woman's problems on her first visit. After my

birth her abilities began to die down, until they steadied at a point slightly above where they had been before.

In my earliest memories I am an infant, unable to speak or even roll onto my side. I remember looking around with eyes that simultaneously recognized and found strange the objects around me. I remember thinking about a past I can no longer recall, wondering what this new life would hold. But the older I grew, the more I forgot. By now I

can only feel strong familiarity with certain objects or events, as there seems to be a thick veil concealing swaths of my memory, which I have not yet been able to remove.

As I grew older I was very sensitive to everyone and everything around me. I was captivated by music to the point that it seemed to take me outside myself, so that time itself seemed insignificant, and the sound seemed to swirl around me in varying textures and brilliant colors. Books drew me in so far that I sometimes had trouble recalling where I was, who I was, if I were suddenly interrupted. Certain other materials worked nearly as well--I have always been enthralled by certain ancient cultures, while others I instinctively avoided.

By the time I entered middle school, I discovered certain talents I was careful never to mention, as I was sure I would be called a lier or a cheat. When I concentrated on something with enough focus, it would happen. Not anything large, but if I rolled dice they would almost always appear with sixes--my favorite dice roll. When I first

developed this skill, I became the most frequently picked student in my history class to win the class raffle--it was fun for a while, but a lot of other people were upset, so now I tend to avoid gambling of any kind.

By the time I reached high school, my skills had grown farther--often I would dream of conversations or events that later occurred--down to the last word used. I realized that my natural empathy might be something out of the ordinary, instead of my previous idea that people were just too preoccupied to notice things as I did. Influencing events became easier still, and I started feeling the effects as I did so--a prickling across my skull and down my spine. I realized that I had instinctively befriended people who had serious problems in their lives--problems I was only able to recognize and assist with because of my sensitivity to others' emotions.

It was only relatively recently, however, that I began looking to religious and spiritual sources for answers. I found information on religions like Wicca, which involve the raising of awareness, meditation, and raising energies. Soon after I began this, I watched a movie which included a shot of military planes flying overhead, and felt such a violent stab of terror that I couldn't speak, couldn't move as my body began shaking with the fright and the most unnerving sense that I had seen this before, even though this was the movie's opening day. I had never had such a reaction to anything before--no matter the gore or creepy effects, I had never been more than mildly nauseated. This first led me to really, seriously consider and investigate the possibility of past lives, and eventually led me to this site. By now I'm reasonably sure that I can pinpoint several places in history where I my soul previously resided, and am trying to work out what that means for me in this life.

Anonymous Story

When I was child, I would often stare at the nights sky pretending to be from out of space. I used to say that I was visiting from the stars because they were so beautiful and bright. I was about 6 years old (now 37). Then one night two beings came to me. It seemed to be a dream, but even then I knew the difference between my dreams and experiences. Dreams were just that, dreams. But my experiences always stood out because no one ever physically spoke. As I lay there sleeping, I was summoned to look out of the window above my bed. At first glance there was nothing, but then suddenly these two light beings appeared in the yard. I was not startled by their appearance as most children of that age would probably be. Instead, I felt at ease and happy to see them, as if I knew them and hadn't seen them in a long time. They soon began to communicate with me by way of telepathy. They reminded me that I did not have to use my voice to speak with them. I can't remember everything that we spoke about, but a few things have always been with me since that night. First, the two beings spoke as if they kept close watch of me, by letting me know they were aware of all the troubles I was experiencing. They said, the things that were bothering me would last only a while longer. This matter seemed very important to convey to me because I remember hearing it several times in our conversation. They said that I was adjusting and everything would be fine. (Soon, I started having trouble maintaining a connection, I remember feeling cold. The two beings kept telling me not to use my voice. The beings kept redirecting me to a calm relaxed state of mind.) Secondly they told me that they knew I wanted to come back home but that it was not time yet. Lastly, I was told that my mother was on her way to my room because she hears me talking and not to tell her they were there because she would not understand me. As soon as that was said, my mom comes through my door and I am simultaneously awakened. I was standing on my bed, in the opened window, looking out into the yard.


I don’t quite remember very much of my childhood except that I lived what now seemed to be an imaginary world. I even had an imaginary friend until I was 4. I remember vividly when she was no longer around. She was older; I want to say 10 years of age. She took care of me in my infancy. I remember we would be together on cliffs with carpets of green flowing grass edging to an active ocean breaking its waters over boulders at the base of these cliffs.

At the age of 4, my family moved to another town and when my mother told me our “new” home number, I misunderstood thinking it was the home number we left behind along with my friend. Immediately, I snuck into my mother’s bedroom to call the “new” number and got a busy signal…I knew then I would not see my friend again.

I’ve always been different from others. I grew up crying everyday because it was so difficult to fit in. I couldn’t read because of a learning disability and by the time for collage, I didn’t know what to major in. I have been always very sensitive to energies and have described myself as like a sponge. I’m 43 now and have been working on my spiritual awakening for the past 12 years. I’ve learned techniques to protecting myself. But in the past 5 years have been struggling with this process as I feel that there is an immense amount of responsibility that comes with remembering and I’m quite fearful. Not so much of the knowledge, but how it will be viewed by my peers. I feel as though I’m at an important threshold with 90% of my body over it, except my feet are planted firmly behind me. Maybe it’s a fear of being locked up.

I have sought assistance from several psychic healers and have had a couple of integrations with selves of different dimensions including one that involved 7 splits; this being the most recent. I work closely with a healer who was an angel and this life is her first human experience. I myself hate being human and yearn to go home. I feel as though I’m failing here because of my fears and my inability to handle some of the challenges I’ve been facing of late. But, I’m still here.

All my life I have had vivid dreams of indescribable places and things. I’ve been on space ships and I remember coming here…or at least one of me remembers coming here. I came here in a clear bubble during the night to a city with deserted streets. I remember floating down near a gas station and then through the streets between tall buildings. I have dreams of beaches with skyscrapers, castles and of communities that live in pristine forests. And I’ve gone to other galaxies.

I don’t particularly have a religion but believe that we all come from the same place. I feel as though I should preface before telling the following that I do, however; have an infinity towards Jesus as I have an profound love for him…more so than for fellow brethren.

I found this site yesterday and feel it triggered the following dream. But before going into it, I’d like to share a dream I had after 9/11. This dream took place in a valley of mountains that were covered with forests. I saw bloody flashes of what looked like a cocoon being discovered and destroyed. I was a part of a community that lived in this valley and the forest above housed these cocoons. When I had this vision of the blood, I knew that the cocoons were in danger of discovery and destruction. I was the keeper of these cocoons and the beings in them. Then, I was donned in a robe made of what seemed to be made of potato sacks cut into squares. These layered squares made up wings of some sort because I was able to fly around the trees that had these cocoons lying in their branches. As I flew around the trees, I was chanting a language which either was ancient or alien to wake them up…save them.

So now to last night’s dream…the dream I feel as though was triggered by discovering this site. I was on a leeward beach at night. There were several people that were being drawn out to see the flashes of lights that flew above in patterns. They looked like they could have been a meteor shower with the exception that they eventually formed a triangle. There also was like a mini Vatican on this beach which was destroyed by laser beams from these lights. They destroyed every religious relic and temples all over. They came to let us know that there would be no need to worship in these place or for these things any more… including Jesus and Mother Mary. Maybe because we got it wrong somehow. That’s all I remember.



I've just been on your site about indigo children... I have experienced some of the feelings indigos get myself.. and I believe my 6 year old half sister is and Indigo, though I have doubts about whether I am or not. I was born in 1987, and I can remember at an early age being upset about not understanding what happens after death. Organised religions don't appeal to me, and at times I have trouble relating to people around me. My half-sister is remarkably intuitive. As a small example, one morning recently I was thinking to myself that I needed to go downstairs to the storeroom and get some eggs for the afternoon. About 10 minutes later, my half-sister walks up with 3 eggs, the exact amount I was thinking I'd need. She said 'here, to cook this afternoon'. I was stunned. I don't think I mentioned out loud about needing eggs. I asked her how she knew I needed them, she said she didn't know how she knew. She's an extremely empathetic, generous and caring girl, and positive beyond measure. Nothing really ever gets her down unless its someone else being upset. Even then she'll do her best to cheer them up.

Anyway, I was reading through some of the stories, especially about extra-terrestrial incarnations, and it reminded me of a dream I had when I was about 7. I dreamt that I was lying in my bed one night, and this ray of light or something like that came through my window.. I think there was a ship outside.. anywya, these beings, about 4 or 5 of them, were standing before me. They were shorter than me, and were dressed in maroon-ish robes, with hoods, and ropes around the waist (they reminded me of monks). They had thick, sort of wrinkled skin that was a dark brown colour.. a bit like the skin colour of Native Americans I guess. They were bald and had strange-shaped heads. I wasn't scared of them though, as they seemed familiar to me. I can't remember word for word what they said to me, but it was something like we're your family or we were your family, and that I belonged here (on earth?). THey left soon after that, and I was left feeling quite happy I guess. When I woke up the next day I remembered the dream and was I guess almost relieved in a way. I don't remember, as I"m 21 now and it was obviously some time ago.

I've had a similar dream to do with meeting a significant other, who had to leave before I did but promised to find me again. I think he left in a ship, but I dont remember clearly.


From reading the articles on your site I now have a better

understanding of my sensitivities as a child. I can honestly say my

mother and I had a very thick cord between us that suppressed my

indigo abilities. Religion made no sense to me, I could always feel

how people were feeling emotionally especially if it was negative and

egoic. My father was an energy vampire. He wanted to be loved so much

I always had a aversion to his touch and being around him. His

draining of me made me to the point to day of a deep mistrust for men

in general as well as the inability to be trusting and intimate with

anyone. I am 38 and at the age of 35 I had my first separation of ego.

From then I have never had another depressive hateful self-conscious

thought about myself. I truly did not like myself, egoic mind chatter

constantly filled my head and I lay in bed at night asking God as I

knew him as a high power greater than myself to kill me. I now realize

I never ventured to the thought of killing myself because deep down

inside I had an unknowing/knowing that there was a better way to be

but had no idea how to access it but knew it existed.

My mother died last year and I have been going "at the speed of light"

towards my true self ever since. I know that I have had some major

shifting from my ego and pretty much have lost all sense of who I am.

Coincidence or not, right after my mother died I met the perfect

person to get me on my light path. I met a spiritual healer and read

Eckhart Tolle's a New Earth whereby I completely understood the book

with great ease. I have now become a Reiki Practitioner, and have

opened myself to all forms of energy work in an effort to heal myself:

Acupuncture, biofeedback, meditation, Qui Gong, Tai Chi and perform

reiki daily to keep myself in balance. I know when I am out of

balance. I have opened so much that I now can feel the electrical

energies of lightening within a 6-10 mile radius and have energy

surges flow through my body as lightening makes contact with the

ground. I know that I have spirit guides and voices that guide me, and

my mother has made herself known to me.

My sense of others energy has also magnified as well as my

vulnerability. Pain body people with huge egioc attachment really send

me running literally if I spent too much time in their presence. I am

now aware of my energies so that I can ground myself. If I know that

if I am going into large crowds of people I load my pockets with

obsidian which I have found to be extremely helpful - a lesson learned

from my Reiki Master.

I have always been a vivid dreamer, colors, sounds, moods and

feelings. Mom visits me often there and she has gotten closer to me in

them as I have been able to learn to meditate with greater focus these

days. I have always had a love for dogs and have found Dog Whispering

easy when confronted with aggressive dogs. I have absolutely no fear

in their presence and am able to handle the fear biting dogs through

the lessons learned through watching Cesar Millan. He inspired me to

become a people trainer for dogs as I believe as well no dog needs to

die from aggressive behavior and that they can be rehabilitated.


After reading some of the personal stories I realize that there are others like me and that feels good to know I’m not so different after all.

When I was five years old I was playing outside on a swing. All of a sudden I started to cry and it was as if I became an Adult in every other way but my physical body. I knew what was going to happen in the near future and that frightened me.

This was very disturbing to me I can remember thinking I will just walk down to the ocean and walk in and that will be it I will be back home again and this will be over.

Within seconds of me thinking this thought there was this magnificently beautiful man standing there with me. I knew he was not from earth and I was not afraid of him.

He started to talk to me through mental telepathy. I could hear his voice clearly in my mind and yet his mouth was not moving. I was also speaking to him with my mind. It was as if he knew who I was and why I was here.

I remember telling him in a very determined way that I didn’t want to go through with it. I was referring to my life. I remember vividly his response that I promised I would do this. I replied I don’t care I can’t do this on my own. He replied is there anything that would help you do this. I remember thinking what I would need to carry on.

I responded I would need you there with me to remind me of my promise and assist me through this process that I knew I will experience shortly. He asked me to wait a minute then he was there again. He said ok. I told him that although I knew I would not be able to see him that I knew I would feel his presence with me. He smiled and said that’s right you will be able to tell that I am with you. I said ok then I will keep my promise. Then he was gone.

I know he has kept his promise to me I feel his presence when things get turbulent around me and its like a Plexiglas surrounds me protecting me against whatever happening at the time.

The only other time I saw him was when I became very ill I was in my thirties at the time. I was rushed to hospital and before the paramedics got me into the hospital I went into shock. I woke up two weeks later. Apparently I contracted salmonella poisoning and was in a coma for two weeks. It took the doctors days to realize I was cocas ion that’s how jaundice I had become.

When I woke up there he was his hands over my stomach not touching just doing what looked like energy work on me. We talked with our minds again. I said hi and he responded smiling then he tapped me on my stomach and said you will be fine now. I looked at him and said I know. I let him know that I knew he had kept his promise to me and we both smiled then he replied yes I have.

I remember becoming very tired then I went to sleep.

When I woke up in the morning I found out that I was in a coma for two weeks and was in critical condition. That morning I felt like I had never been sick. I actually felt very good. When my Dr came in to see me he was surprised I felt so good and proceeded to tell me how seriously ill I had been and how lucky I was. I remember telling my doctor that it had nothing to do with luck or the medical profession. The strange thing about it was when my Dr entered my room I was totally aware that he would be a young man when he crossed over. There was no sadness accompanying that thought.

I also knew that somehow I would work with people this lifetime. I recall sharing with my Dr that if he crossed over before I did and if I ever needed a medical advisor if he would come and assist me. He looked at me smiled and said sure Cath I would do that. Then he continued to say he was an atheist. I replied just in case you go ahead of me you will soon realize a different reality. He smiled and I asked him again if he would help me help others and he replied yes.

My Dr knew me well for many years and we had a very comfortable repor with each other.

A few years after that incident I went back to school and took social work. Shortly after graduating I moved down south. I lived in Toronto for about eight years then I moved to British Columbia where I lived for many years. Because of a lot of deaths in our family I returned to Ontario. I also had adult children here that needed my support at the time.

I recall deciding I had better get a family Dr now that I was back home. I called the medical office where my Dr had his practice and I was informed that he had been killed in a car accident three years earlier. He was forty eight years old at the time. This shot me back to the hospital room many years before and the knowingness I had that he would cross over at a young age.

Anytime I’m with a client and need some medical assistance I think of him and the information comes to me. So I guess he kept his promise too.

As for my wonderful life long spirit guide

I still feel his presence around me and I know he will be with me until this journeys is over. I have no doubt that we have known each other forever and that he’s here to make sure I accomplish what I came to do.


Elizabeth's Story

I am thirteen years old, and I've never felt like I truly belong. When I was younger, I would always wonder why everyone treated the Earth so horribly. I believed that there was another world like this, only it wasn't tampered with. I almost never dream, but when I do, the dream comes true in one way or another. I remember having one of the weirdest dreams ever one night. I was at school, and a huge orange t-rex was outside terrorizing everyone. Then there was a boy who looked somewhere between sixteen and eighteen. He had dark hair, bluish green eyes, and was taller than six feet. I felt oddly comfortable with him. I felt like I had seen him before. The next month, I went on a mission trip for church. I met a boy there who looked almost exactly like the boy in my dream. When we were driving home the next week, there was a statue of an orange t-rex by the side of the highway. It really kind of freaked me out a little.

After a few weeks I had forgotten the experience. That was until I saw something. I can't remember what I was doing, but I know I wasn't doing anything to bring this memory on. I remember a place that was almost like a palace. I was wearing silk like material, and I remember only truly important people could wear this. Like something in Saudi Arabia. Only, I remember it doesn't get that hot at this place. I remember this building was made out of a reddish stone, and it had no windows. The creatures at this place were brightly colored and beautiful. I remember being able to communicate with them telepathically. Most of the animals were a lot like the ones here on Earth. This place was a lot like Earth, and where I lived on this planet was like the rain forest. I guess that's why I've always felt a strong drive to help save the rain forest. Because it reminds me of my other home.

I remember the boy I met on the mission trip walking into my bedroom, also wearing the important clothing. He looked at me with sad but loving eyes, and told me that he would see me soon. I remember hugging him, and letting a single tear run down my face. He wiped it away, and told me not to be sad because we wouldn't be apart for to long. You can call me just some silly little girl with an over active imagination, but I know what I saw actually happened. I hope that there are those out there who will believe me. And I hope that one day I'll be able to return home to my other family and friends. To my home where we have the technology, but never lost site of how fortunate we are to have the creatures we do, and the planet that we have. I also hope, that it won't be to late for Earth. They don't know what they have.

A homesick girl,




I'm very honored to have come across your page, as it resonates with me quite strongly. I find it a great relief to find some mutual grounds here. Indigo child of Jan 5, 1984 10:05 PM

As with my story, as a child I've had dreams of abandonment from the skies, some space ship disappearing into the sky with maybe hundreds inside. I remember thinking, "Why did it have to drop me off here in these lonesome land while everybody else goes somewhere together without me?" And then a feeling of no other creature like myself were around to be found. I also have had feelings of watching the planet and humanity for maybe hundreds of years and disappointed by lack of interaction I wanted, and really really excited and looking forward to being a part of it all. Thanks for a great site!!!!!


Lauren x

Hi, I have an indigo story to share...

Ever since I can remember I knew I was different. I just knew I was some sort of psychic from a young age. At 9 yrs I tested my ability. I cant even remember why I was so angry but I made up a spell to bring bad luck on a girl who did something to me. I sat in the middle of all the crystals Id collected since very young (I was very drawn to them) and just willed something bad to happen to her holding an unlucky black cat keyring. The same day I didn't this I learnt from my mum that her hamster had died by sticking its head through the top bars of its cage and hanging its self. I was so scared and shocked that I had the power to bring death upon something and never meddled like that again. and of course at 18 now I know you should never curse or bring bad luck on people. and neither do I want to.

I've done witchcraft for a while but only on myself when needed. at 17 I went to a doctor thinking I was schizophrenic because I smelled things that aren't there, heard voices and kept thinking I have been given a secret mission or was destined for something but don't know what. I haven't seen her for months because she's on maternity leave but came across an Indigo and crystal children program. after a few tests on the net, they've told me I'm indigo. and I believe this more than being schizophrenic. So now I'm learning more about it and wish to meet other indigos :)

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