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The Column

The Column is a structure of light which goes straight through the middle of your body from the top of the Crown to your perineum (the area between the genitals and the anus). This tube extends upwards from the crown through all the higher dimensions and downwards from the perineum through all the lower dimensions. The seven chakras previously described are situated along the Column within the body. There are numerous other chakras along the Column all the way up and down. Full explanations of these are beyond our purposes here but you should be aware of their existence.

The Column is the central channel of your light body. It is through this channel that your awareness can move between dimensions with ease. Of course this is the case while you are not incarnated but while here on Earth it isn't quite that simple. Because of the interaction between the astral body and the light body the Column is usually quite blocked and you may have trouble even feeling it. It is usually blocked at the top of the head and the perineum (as well as through the body) so it may be difficult to take your awareness up or down the Column at all. A large part of spiritual work involves clearing the Column and relearning to ascend it into higher dimensions or descend it into lower dimensions. Once this has been achieved it becomes easy to become aware of and communicate with many aspects of yourself from many different dimensions. The vastness of who you really are becomes known beyond a doubt as you have direct experience of metaphysical realities.

Besides communicating with parts of your self the column also opens up possibilities of communication with many non-physical and multi-dimensional beings throughout the Universe.