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Heart Chakra

The heart is the vital organ that pumps blood throughout the entire body. The Heart Chakra is the metaphysical organ that pumps love throughout the entire light body. Humans have actually been disconnected from a huge amount of our heart energy for as long as we have been on Earth and actually long before. The most loving humans and the enlightened ones that have graced the Earth still only had a small amount of their heart energy. The enormous amount of love that is the core of our being is phenomenal but has not been accessible here. Gradually now we are being allowed more of our heart energy as our consciousness rises but still it is only a small portion that we can access. This doesn't matter all that much because most of us are in touch with far less than what is possible and to access what is possible would be pure ecstasy.

Indeed the heart is where we experience love and it is the gateway to our highest consciousness. The core of everything in the Universe is love and it is the ultimate truth. On other planets and dimensions where beings are in contact with their heart chakras with no obstruction there is no such thing as negativity. The very notion of pain does not exist. Here on Earth we have been involved with an experience which required us to forget who we are. To do this we had to have part of our heart energy isolated away from us. We chose to do this but when it was done, the part that chose to do it was disconnected. Really your Higher Self chose to do this, but to you your heart was taken. This was the first heartbreak and it was extremely painful to say the least. It felt as though your heart was literally ripped out and in a sense it was. You knew it was taken by someone, a being of great power, and you wanted it back. You hated that being and resented them greatly. To you in your disconnected state, that being was God. God had stolen your heart, kicked you out of heaven and left you. All humans have this heartbreak and resentment towards God deep within their subconscious. Slowly the trauma from this event was pushed into the subconscious just like with any Samskara and formed the original scar located in the heart chakra. From this scar many more have formed and through numerous lives on earth many people’s hearts have become blocked and filled with hatred, anger, jealousy, self pity, paranoia and fear. We still have love, devotion, empathy, compassion and friendship but the negative emotions often reside along side these in a Heart Chakra badly out of balance.

The clearing and opening of the Heart Chakra is vital for spiritual transformation. All negative emotions must be released and resolved so that the heart may open once again to the Higher Self. Now is the time to do this and this is the way to Nirvana. In the physical body the Heart Chakra relates to the heart, lungs, circulatory system, shoulders, and upper back.