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The Light Body

The light body is a structure of light from higher dimensions. Like the physical body it is a vehicle for consciousness. As your physical body contains organs and other physical structures, your light body contains various structures of light. The chakras, the Column and the MerKaBa are all structures of the light body. Between lives you journey in the light body to various places and dimensions and it is the central vehicle used to incarnate into any of the nine dimensions. For incarnation into the 3rd dimension the light body needs an astral body which has been described earlier.

This astral body incarnates into the physical dimension through its interaction with the etheric body. The light body incarnates by shining through the astral body. It is much larger than the astral body and is around and above it. For light to incarnate into matter it needs something to ground in. A baby is too small to really hold the light body and give it a ground which is why nurturing is so important. When the baby is with the mother and she is open enough, the baby’s light body grounds with the help of her body. So while this is happening the baby can feel the love which is a part of itself (its light body). This is the beginning of looking for love outside of oneself. The baby believes that the love comes from its mother because she grounds it. Without her the baby cannot feel its light body in the same way because it lacks the ground necessary to hold it.

This effect will be apparent to anyone who has meditated alone and in a group. It is often much easier to meditate in a group because the others are helping to create a ground for light. The meditators’ light bodies, as well as angels and guides, can ground through all of the physical bodies which makes it much easier to have spiritual experiences and deeper meditation. This is commonly called a space. The space is created by the grounding of higher energies. When meditating alone it is more difficult to give these beings and your own light body a ground and so it can be more difficult to enter into a space. Once a space has been established either alone or in a group, much metaphysical and alchemical work can be done. Your light body and the various other beings that come to help are essential to any real spiritual development and without them no progress could be made.

As a person grows up and the astral body incarnates into the physical, the Samskaras from past lives are activated along with new ones being created through emotional trauma. The astral body and chitta become far more structured and crystallized which blocks the light body from shining through. The light body is more grounded now but its light is blocked by ego structure. The light body remains in, around and above the physical body but depending on the person’s ego structure, it is not strongly felt and what is felt is distorted by the astral. While meditating or doing spiritual practices the light body is pulled into the astral body. A ground is created for the light, and as it intensifies, its incarnation into the astral samskaras begins to dissolve. The light raises the vibration of the astral body which causes Samskaras to break up and dissolve. The reason the Astral Substances are able to crystallize and stay that way is because of its slow vibration. By raising the vibration of the astral it will begin to break up the crystallization. Once the astral body has been cleared of crystallization in this way the light body can shine through it and ground into the physical.
The light body is very large and contains many structures. It is beyond our purposes to describe all of its parts and functions. The ones that are most important for our spiritual awakening now are the chakras, the Column and the MerKaBa.