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Material Forces

As briefly described under Metaphysics there are many dimensions of reality. Material Forces come from the lower dimensions below the 1st and Forces Of Consciousness come from above the 9th. In the 9 physical dimensions the Forces Of Consciousness have used the Material Forces from below the 1st to create form.

The 1st dimension is the lowest of the 9 physical dimensions and is where physical substance is at its densest. As we move up to the 9th dimension the physical substances become progressively lighter and have a higher vibration. The 3rd is where we are now and is quite a dense dimension with a low vibration. Much of the 3rd dimension is not inhabited like it is on Earth as the environments on many of the planets here are not hospitable. There are other beings on far away planets that are both similar to us and very different who do live in the 3rd dimension.

The 2nd dimension is less inhabited than the 3rd but does have certain hospitable areas where civilizations and various beings reside. The 1st dimension is almost completely uninhabited by beings as we know them. It is however, vital in giving the rest of the physical dimensions a ground.

The dimensions below the 1st are not physical dimensions like the one we live in. These lower dimensions contain the Material Forces that are used to create the physical dimensions. They contain various forces of creation or materialism with each dimension containing different forces and energies. These forces are ready to be used by the various Creators throughout the Universes and beyond in the creation of anything physical. These Creators are part of the Forces Of Consciousness.

The lower centers of energy within the energy body, including the Base Chakra, the Sex Chakra and the Solar Plexus Chakra are connected to these lower dimensions. There is also a Column of metaphysical substance that extends from the Base Chakra all the way down through the lowest dimensions to the Source. As previously described the Material Forces and the Forces Of Consciousness both come from the same Source of Oneness or Unity often called the Void.
Experientially the Column actually goes down, through the Earth but into lower dimensions. While meditating you can actually travel down this column with your consciousness and explore these dimensions for yourself. Of course for most people the Column is quite blocked as are the lower chakras which will make it impossible to take your consciousness down. After you have cleared enough emotional and energetic turmoil in your lower centers you will be able to descend and explore.

Besides being connected to these lower dimensions through the inter-dimensional gateways of the lower chakras, the Hara and the Column, our physical and etheric/chi bodies are actually made up of the energies and forces from below. The chakras and Column feed the physical and energy bodies with the necessary forces for their survival. If the chakras are blocked then the health of the organism will diminish as will conscious contact with the lower dimensions.
Although there are many dimensions below and there are many forces and energies in these dimensions there are four main ones that relate to life on Earth and to our spiritual awakening. These include ‘chi’, ‘ching’, ‘jing’ and ‘kundalini’. These will be briefly described. The Column, chakras and Hara also relate to these forces so the sections on these will expand your knowledge.