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Generation Indigo

Some of the knowledge contained here is based on the expectation that a certain metaphysical understanding is already present. If you have not read “Metaphysics” then you may be unfamiliar with some of the concepts. Click here to download Metaphysics

The Indigo Generation has been written about by various authors and is well known in the new age community. Many of you have probably heard of the term and have some understanding of what it refers to. The reason for this website is not to repeat what others have said but to clarify some points and give a general understanding of what has been occurring and how it continues to affect the consciousness of humanity. All information contained herein has been channeled from various inter-dimensional beings who are involved with our transformation.

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The Indigo Generation

The term indigo generation is somewhat of a blanket term that refers to the increased amount of the color indigo present in new babies Auras. Around 30 years ago some babies were exhibiting this phenomena and the number has steadily increased until now where every new baby is an Indigo. Although all indigo babies have this increased amount of indigo in their auras they can vary widely in other ways. The majority of Indigo’s are simply reincarnations of the same group of beings who have always made up the human race. For instance you may be 35 years old and you are not classified as being an Indigo and you may give birth to a child who is an Indigo. The being incarnating as this child could be someone who you had been with in another life who was at that time not an indigo but just a normal incarnation just like you are now. If you were to die tomorrow and reincarnate next week you would then be an Indigo. It is not that the Indigo’s are different beings but simply that they are incarnating some energies which were not being incarnated in normal people 30 years ago or more.

This being said it is also true that some indigo children are incarnating more than an increased amount of Indigo energy or light and that they may actually be incarnating parts of other beings along with themselves. Another possibility is that they are in fact a being who has not incarnated on earth before and who may have had incarnations on other planets. Another possibility is that a being who is a part of the human race, who has had many incarnations on earth may have had a recent incarnation on another planet and may now incarnate on Earth again with a very strong connection to this other planet or group of beings. In this way energies and consciousness from other areas and beings throughout the universe are being grounded on earth now.

The consequences of this grounding of energies are profound and are by far the strongest for those Indigo children who are incarnating energies from other planets along with their own light body. The increased indigo that can be noticed in all indigo children is a part of their own light body, it is simply a part of themselves that has previously been left behind (so to speak) during incarnation and which is being grounded now unlike in previous earthly incarnations. The effects of this are also profound but are not as far reaching as for those who are incarnating other energies that can be seen as being separate to their light body.

The grounding of energies that is being carried out by the Indigo Generation has effects on all of humanity. Spiritual awakening is now far easier than it has been for over 12000 years and it is due to the grounding of these new energies. Any person who is not a part of the Indigo Generation can actually become a part of it through the work of Inner Alchemy. By clearing the astral layers and incarnating the light body anyone can incarnate more of the Indigo energy and can even find connections with various beings throughout the universe and begin acting as a grounding rod for inter-dimensional forces.

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