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Chi/ Etheric

Chi is the life force energy that permeates the physical body and gives us life. We receive chi from air, food, water, and the sun. The chi received from these sources is digested by our etheric body (chi body) and then becomes a part of our life-force chi. The life-force chi circulates through the system of meridians or channels which permeate the body.

The organs all have an energetic reservoir which holds and supports them. If you lose a physical organ you will still have this energetic part which will continue to function on the chi level, although often not as well as if the physical organ was still there. The organ reservoirs transform the life-force chi into the type of chi that the particular organ needs. For example liver chi is different to kidney chi. The system of meridians takes the various organ chi and circulates it throughout the energy body to wherever it is needed. The organ chi is still very similar in form to life-force chi and is constantly changing as it runs through the body. If an organ is low on energy or there are blockages preventing the flow, the organ will suffer, becoming weak and susceptible to disease. If this happens then the meridians that rely on this organ’s chi flow will also become weak or blocked. This will lead to various physical symptoms related to the meridians and their flow. As the whole system is connected and chi is continually moving and transforming this will inevitably affect all other areas of the energy body. Acupuncture is based on this system and works by adjusting the flow of chi through the effected meridians.

Note: I do not want to create confusion but I would like you to understand something here. There are astral forces which interact with chi. The chi of a grapefruit is different from the chi of a watermelon because they interact with different astral forces. They are still life-force chi and are both digested by the chi body when eaten. Similarly the organs have different types of life-force chi because of the astral forces they interact with. For instance the liver resonates with the Jupiter astral force and the kidney with Venus. It is the interaction with the astral force that makes the chi slightly different by changing its vibration.

The belly is the storehouse of life force chi and can hold a huge amount for use by any part of the body. The intestines are like a coil that can absorb many types of chi, mix it and store it. The chi stored in the belly is basically chi that may be used anywhere in the system where it is easily transformed into the type of chi needed. For example if the liver is weak and the liver chi has become stagnant, instead of using acupuncture we may consciously send chi from the belly to the liver which will get the stagnant liver chi moving and therefore revitalize the liver and all meridians running through it.
Chi can be felt quite easily as it is fairly close to physical substance. It can be felt as a kind of buzzing or tingling feeling or just the feeling of energy.