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Third Eye Chakra

The Third Eye is the center of spiritual and multi-dimensional vision. It is a structure of energy that works very much like the physical eyes but it sees into other realms. When awakened it is the center of psychic abilities, channeling, telepathy, higher intuition, non-physical vision and clear thinking. In humans the Third Eye is nearly always blocked by the chitta and its crystallizations. The structured chitta makes our thoughts slow and confused putting a cloud of energy over the Third Eye and blocking its clarity. Even when you begin to awaken the Third Eye, visions and perceptions will continue to be distorted by the chitta and so it can take a long time to gain clear vision and clear psychic abilities. Often psychics who have an awakened Third Eye have not cleared their astral body and chitta and so their perceptions are distorted by their own emotional make up and state of mind. When seeing a psychic it is up to you to recognize whether the psychic is clear or is subconsciously distorting their visions.

The Third Eye is essential for spiritual work as it is the key to the subtle bodies. It has the power to look inside your subconscious and is used for exploring your past lives and actively clearing the subconscious of past conditioning. It is also used to tune into various guides, angels and other non-physical beings who can help with our spiritual transformation. The Third Eye is closely tied with the Crown Chakra and when both are activated your higher wisdom can be interpreted into 3rd-dimensional reality. The Crown receives higher consciousness and communication and the Third Eye grounds it into the dimension of which you are a part.

Through the Third Eye you can enter states of remote viewing where you can see anything anywhere. The Third Eye's connections allow it to look at anything, anywhere and see its nature. You can tune into animals and see their spiritual connections or look into the astral realms and see fairies and nature spirits, the possibilities are endless.

In the physical body the Third Eye chakra relates to the eyes, face, brain, lymphatic and endocrine system.