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Schizophrenia is quite similar to psychosis but usually lasts for the entire life. Psychosis usually comes in short bursts and afterwards the individual goes back to a relatively normal state. Psychosis may or may not reoccur for someone who has had one episode. Schizophrenia on the other hand is seen as a disease which has no cure but which can be treated by drugs to reduce symptoms. Often schizophrenics keep on deteriorating as they grow older. Around 1-2% of the population of all cultures and races suffer from schizophrenia so it is a "disease" or condition that affects many people’s lives. The treatment for schizophrenia is anti-psychotic drugs which do reduce symptoms and can be useful. The older drugs used to treat schizophrenia had many side effects which almost outweighed the advantages but some of the recent drugs have fewer side effects. As psychiatrists can only look to the physical body for answers they do not understand the metaphysical aspect of the disease and so some possible methods of treatment are completely overlooked.

From a metaphysical point-of-view, schizophrenia has many of the same problems as psychosis. It is my belief that psychosis is the beginning of schizophrenia and if treated early enough with some new methods, schizophrenia could be averted. So if this is true then why do some people experience a psychotic episode and never progress to schizophrenia while others do? The reason lies in the subtle bodies of the individual and in how badly damaged they become during the psychosis. Keep in mind that a psychotic episode can also be brought on by drug use or abuse and that this type could also lead into schizophrenia.

Basically if a psychotic episode is intense enough and the astral body has very rigid crystallizations, it can be cracked by the sudden raise in vibration. If the damage is not too bad and the astral body is fairly well balanced the person may be able to heal. The support network of family and friends will be vital in the healing process. A much greater chance of recovery will exist with good social supports. If the astral body is cracked or damaged severely it will not work well enough after the episode for adequate healing to take place. The person may be left very confused and with hallucinations and delusions continuing for longer periods because the astral body never slows down enough. With large cracks present, some higher frequency forces may continue to shake up the astral body which leads to continued confusion. Another problem is that this state can lead to a very open aura with holes and weak spots. Malevolent non-physical beings and entities will be able to disrupt the subtle bodies and the person will easily resonate with negative astral planes. Hallucinations and delusions may continue, especially if the Third Eye remains activated while other chakras are blocked and the chitta is unclear and unstable.

During prolonged episodes of psychosis such as those experienced by schizophrenics, there is a possibility that some astral shattering may occur. This usually happens at death but in advanced Alzheimer's and schizophrenia it can occur while in the body. If shattering does occur, the parts of astral body lost cannot be replaced. When this occurs the patient will seem to have lost large portions of their personality and will become even more confused and lost. When this type of damage is done to the astral body, the etheric body and nervous system will also suffer greatly. The brain loses its contact with astral forces in the chitta which make its cognitive functions work. This leads to loss of brain tissue and brain damage as the physical brain needs the chitta to keep it healthy and functioning. Many doctors and scientists assume that the brain damage is the cause of the symptoms and that therefore the disease is based in biology. I believe that the truth of the matter is that the mental and emotional disharmony and chaos (in the astral body and chitta) lead to the physical brain damage. If you could stop the deterioration in the astral body and chitta the brain damage would not occur.

One of the physical consequences of advanced schizophrenia is that the three brain ventricles become enlarged as the tissue around them deteriorates. The ventricles are located roughly in the middle of the brain and are filled with cerebrospinal fluid. Nobody really knows what they are for or what they do because they do not study metaphysics. The ventricles are actually essential parts of the brain which work kind of like a mirror for consciousness. They are a physical counterpart of the Third Eye and are essential when it comes to spiritual vision, dreams and even imagination. The ventricles are like mirrors that reflect pictures, images and colors into the physical consciousness of the brain. If you had no ventricles you would not be able to dream or imagine anything and you would not be able to use your Third Eye at all. For all the chakras there are physical organs which incarnate their various inter-dimensional aspects into the physical body. The ventricles are one part of the Third Eye's physical structure that incarnates non-physical vision. When a schizophrenic reaches advanced stages of deterioration their ventricles become enlarged which leads to more vivid hallucinations as well as intensifying other symptoms.

Unfortunately once schizophrenia gets to the advanced stages there is not much that can be done. The new anti-psychotic drugs are an important part of slowing down the progress of schizophrenia as they do reduce the pressure on the patient’s subtle bodies. I believe that with the proper techniques of clearing the astral body, strengthening the etheric body and eventually incarnating the Light Body that schizophrenia could be averted. It would have to be caught in its early stages and it would require much effort by the individual themselves as well as someone experienced enough in the required metaphysical techniques. If extreme damage had already been done to the astral body it may never be healed completely but with the right techniques and required effort the outcome would probably be much better than not doing anything. In mental hospitals around the World schizophrenics are sedated, locked up in rooms with no pictures, treated like they are crazy and dehumanized by staff. No credence is given to their experience which is often multi-dimensional in nature and their perceptions are labeled as hallucinations. What chance of recovery do these people have?