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Indigo Energy

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Basically what is described as Indigo energy is a certain frequency of light which is a part of everyone’s lightbody but which has been previously left behind during incarnation. As we are all vast beings of consciousness we all have much more to us than meets the eye during earthly life. In the past only mystics, monks and spiritual seekers succeeded in incarnating their indigo energy after a tremendous effort. Now all babies naturally incarnate this part of themselves and for spiritual seekers it is infinitely easier to do so.

The characteristics of the Indigo energy can have differing effects on certain types of people. Some books out there seem to be stating that some children are Indigo’s because they exhibit certain characteristics and others are not but the truth of the matter is that all babies are now Indigo’s and there are different types. Also the reasons for the Indigo energy having certain effects on different people should be better understood.

In general the Indigo energy is one of heightened awareness or more accurately it gives one the possibility of heightened awareness. It also contains a feeling of personal power, grandeur and you could say of purity. Because of these characteristics it can bring a feeling of being royal or of extreme importance, being special. These characteristics are of the energy itself and so when a certain personality is imbued with these feelings it can have very different effects. As you can imagine when some people feel this within themselves they may become arrogant while others may disassociate from it completely and remain with very low self esteem. As with all energies and consciousness that is incarnated by an individual, depending on their early life experiences and past life traumas the energies are often either disconnected or grossly overemphasized. The other possibility is a balanced ego which integrates the various energies with a loose and fluid structure.

If a baby is brought into a family which is somewhat arrogant ie the members see themselves as superior to others, maybe superior to other races or classes of people then the child will likely have something to ground the indigo energy into. The energy won’t be grounded in a balanced way but will be used to fit in with the family’s characteristics. When added to this the fact that such a family probably treat each other in a judgmental way it is likely that the child will also rebel against its own family to a certain degree and will again use the Indigo energy to feel good about itself and even superior in spite of the criticism from other family members. Due to the grounding conditions for the indigo energy it is quite possible that other forces and energies will not be incarnated properly and will be somewhat disconnected as the child develops. For example, if the family is not affectionate and loving feelings are rarely shown then heart energies may have trouble grounding and the child may have disconnected from them in early childhood. By such an incarnation of indigo energy into an ego structure it is likely that there will be arrogance and maybe even lack of feeling for others. This type of child may indeed feel royal, be impatient and have low concentration levels and may be seen as being an Indigo due to these characteristics. These characteristics are certainly not those of the Indigo energy which is really one of heightened awareness but as such a child does have a strong connection to the Indigo energy, although it is quite distorted they may be seen as being a perfect example of an Indigo child. This is where many have made a mistake. The problem with this Indigo child is just as great as the child who has disconnected from their Indigo energy altogether and its characteristics are not those of the Indigo energy.

As I have said the Indigo energy is one of heightened awareness and as such it does contain feelings of being very special, pure, grand and powerful but it has no arrogance whatsoever. The Indigo energy in its pure form has 100% love and respect for all other beings and knows that everything in existence is just as special as itself. This is a huge difference and should not be overlooked. Just because a child is an Indigo does not make it a teacher or even spiritually important. Essentially the only benefit of Indigo energy is that it makes it far easier to look at yourself with higher awareness and to conduct the true work of inner alchemy. Without the Indigo energy it would be much harder if not impossible for anyone to awaken to higher consciousness and to incarnate more of themselves. The Indigo child described above, if introduced to spiritual practices would certainly excel and would destroy the ego quickly to incarnate its higher consciousness.

In the case of an Indigo child born to a family with low esteem there may be very little to ground the Indigo energy and so the baby may disconnect from this energy early on. This disconnection does not mean that the energy is not there it just means that the child cannot identify with the energy and so it is not integrated into the ego structure. It will still be floating around, so to speak, as the child is still an Indigo but the characteristics of the Indigo energy may not be apparent inside the child. As many people have read about Indigo children who have very little metaphysical vision they tend to base there assumptions on the overt characteristics of a child and so the child described here may be said to be a non Indigo. To someone with vision this would be completely untrue as the Indigo energy can be seen around this child just the same as the other. People without vision tend to read about the Indigo characteristics and look for these in a child and this can be completely misleading.

The descriptions here are very basic and do not even begin to cover the workings of the Indigo energy on human personalities. The point here is that looking at characteristics is misleading as the Indigo energy interacts with many other forces during childhood and can lead to many different possibilities. What all Indigo’s have in common is that if they choose to follow spiritual practices they will all excel and have experiences with ease. The Indigo energy is already there for them to use and so they can enter heightened awareness readily. Whether they know it or not they are grounding this energy and because of this any person who is not an Indigo can also excel and have spiritual experiences with ease. It is now a choice. Do you want to awaken or not? The energy is there, it is being grounded by the children and you can begin to ground it for yourself. The more people who ground this energy the faster it will affect our mass consciousness and the sooner we will change. 

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