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Psychosis is widely misunderstood throughout society. Even the so-called professionals of the psychological and psychiatric communities do not understand its genesis or what is actually occurring. As with all so-called mental problems, metaphysics is essential to a proper understanding. Without the knowledge of how consciousness incarnates into matter and the various subtle bodies and energies required there will always be confusion. Most psychiatrists and psychologists work from a framework of beliefs which state that consciousness cannot exist without the brain and therefore the brain is you. They will freely admit that there is no proof that this is the case but have decided to base their research and theories upon the assumption that the brain is where consciousness comes from. It is a shame that when you base a theory on something untrue that your theory cannot be accurate.

So the professionals who treat psychosis patients, as well as schizophrenics and other disorders, do not really understand what is happening to the patient and therefore do not know how to treat them. Often such patients are locked up in psych wards and seen by the doctor once a day (if that) for a few minutes. The treatment is basically a resume of anti-psychotic drugs which adjust the various neurochemicals within the brain. As well as these drugs the patient will be told that they are sick, they are experiencing delusions and hallucinations etc and that this means they are psychotic. The doctors do not delve into the patient’s subconscious with regression or hypnosis techniques as they themselves are not experienced in these areas. If a doctor has not thoroughly explored his/her own subconscious with such techniques and meditation then they are not qualified to perform them on others. They would be dealing with issues that they cannot understand and the technique could actually be dangerous if used by such a doctor.

The drugs used to treat psychosis affect the brain in such a way that the astral body and chitta are disconnected. This disconnects the patient from many of their Samskaras and also reduces the vibration of their etheric and physical bodies which slows down mental activity. A disconnection from the lower chakras also occurs, leading to a loss of sex drive and loss of feeling in the genitals. So in effect the drugs reduce all sensations coming from the subtle bodies of the patient. The extreme symptoms are therefore reduced and the patient seems much less chaotic. The problem is that the subtle bodies are still in chaos, they have simply been disconnected and so the chaos does not incarnate as strongly. The chaotic astral body and chitta have not been healed or cleared in any way and when the drugs are stopped there is a good chance that the psychosis will reoccur. For this reason it is often the case that once someone has a psychotic episode they are told by doctors to stay on the drugs for a long period possibly the entire life “just in case”.

So what is psychosis? To understand this we must look at the ego structure which is basically crystallization in the astral body and chitta. The crystallizations are formed in the first place to protect the individual from emotional pain coming from within (because of past traumas and disconnection from the person’s essence or spirit) and to keep negative outside influences at bay. On top of this there is further conditioning which are learned responses to the outside world and how to navigate through society. The successful ego structure keeps internal emotional pain to a minimum and successfully deals with the outside world with a minimum of anxiety. The very successful structure will fulfill its desires through interaction with the World. An unsuccessful structure can be seen as one that fails to keep internal emotional pain to a minimum, and/or cannot deal with everyday life effectively and without high levels of anxiety. Of course the actual ego can be anywhere between these two extremes.

If the ego structure fails to keep internal emotional pain at bay, the structure is not solid and may be in a state of flux. Similarly if the environment is hard to negotiate, the anxiety from outside could lead to the instability of the ego structure. So for whatever reason, if the ego structure is unstable it is possible for parts of it to change suddenly. For example a major Samskara could suddenly come to the surface and release the emotions locked within, causing a part of the crystallized astral to open. When this occurs, higher vibrating parts of the light body may enter into the astral body which may raise its vibration and make it even more unstable. So the astral body becomes chaotic very suddenly and at the same time higher energies have entered into the person’s consciousness. The person experiences the higher energies and feels invincible, spiritually awakened and extremely special. To a psychiatrist these symptoms are called grandiose delusions. As the person still has a very chaotic astral body or ego structure they misunderstand what is happening. The ego feels these forces of higher consciousness and comes to its own conclusions such as "I am Jesus reincarnated", "I have reached Enlightenment", "I can fly" etc. The forces that the individual feels are of higher consciousness and feel so powerful. It feels so real because it is real. Spiritual realities are far more real than life on Earth and when experienced through the ego the person cannot help believing its truth. As they have no foundation or true knowledge to put the experience into context they interpret the spiritual forces they are experiencing and create delusions like "I am Jesus".

To a psychiatrist, who also has no basis for conceptualizing such experiences and who has not had the experience themselves, it is simply delusion but what use is it to tell someone they are completely delusional when they feel as though the experience is more real than anything they have ever felt before? Part of the experience is completely real; the feelings of grandeur are exactly how the spirit feels. Do you think God does not feel grand? It is only the interpretation that is a delusion.

Because of the higher consciousness, the person will likely see the falseness of others egos, society’s norms and values and indeed the fakeness of themselves. Their own ego is exposed as a fraud very suddenly by their experience of higher consciousness. Seeing yourself as a fraud is not easy but while the higher forces are incarnating it feels great and it can be seen clearly. Unfortunately the very same ego that has been seen as a fraud is the one that is creating the delusions. Also if the person’s Third Eye is activated sufficiently there will be hallucinations. Even though the Third Eye is seeing into other realities and the hallucinations are based on this actual vision, they will often be distorted by the ego. With the activated Third Eye and chaotic chitta the imagination of the psychotic can be so vivid that it seems real. Indeed some of what the psychotic may see is actual hallucination.

Because the astral body’s vibration has been raised by the influx of light and possible activation of chakras and other structures, it becomes extremely chaotic. All the crystallization and ego structure that kept certain thoughts and emotions separate and kept things running smoothly is thrown into absolute chaos. The chitta is whirling around at amazing speeds and the person can think very fast. Their IQ has probably risen significantly as a result but there are so many thoughts running around that they cannot stay sane or focused. The past merges with the present, hallucinations with delusions of grandeur, and the person has gone insane. The person can no longer grasp reality, cannot read other people and may think that the whole world is against them. Paranoia becomes amplified and the types of delusions created become worldlier: “Mum wants to lock me up in a mental hospital”, “my girlfriend wants to kill me”, “everyone is out to get me”, “the FBI is watching me”.

After a while the astral body will calm down and the higher forces will disconnect gradually. The extreme delusions will reduce and thoughts slow down. The astral body and chitta's vibration will slow down to normal but they will have been affected greatly by the episode. The realization that your ego is a fraud is far more painful when you end up right back in it and lose the grandeur of higher consciousness. The astral has been shaken up by higher consciousness and will take a long lime to settle down. Depression and anxiety are very likely and a slow process of rebuilding the sense of self will begin.

At this point the patient can try to become normal again or begin the clearing process and try to reach higher consciousness for good and with clarity. For this the vibration of the etheric and physical must be gradually raised while the astral body is cleared of all past emotional conditioning. The decisions made will likely rest on what beliefs are held after the episode. Does the person believe that they simply had a psychotic episode which needs to be treated by anti-psychotic drugs or do they believe that they experienced a spiritual awakening which needs to be treated by further spiritual transformation and incarnation?